Funny Laws

Most of the laws we have in this country are common sense. Do not murder. Do not steal. This sounds like the Ten Commandments. But of course, we have books and books of laws, in addition to those two stone tablets. Pay your taxes or you’ll risk going to jail. Do not litter, or you’ll pay a fine. Do not sell drugs. Do not speed while driving or your license might get suspended or, worse, revoked. These are some of the main laws people think of when they think about the law. But did you know that are silly laws too? There are! And most of them can be found online.

I’m not sure why they are laws. Maybe politicians wanted to see if the laws could pass. Maybe they were trying to make some type of joke they thought would be funny. Let’s take a look at some of these laws now.

To start, I’ll write that, in Florida, all doors in public buildings must open outwards. But what does it mean if you’re on the other side of the door? It doesn’t make sense! Maybe the politician didn’t think this one through. Perhaps they meant it to be some type of safety issue, such as, in an emergency, it would be easy for people to get out of the building. Alright, we’ll let this one pass. There are better examples, such as Roofers Wellington.

In Texas, it is illegal to sell one’s eye. Talk about trampling our rights! Also in Texas, it is illegal to milk another person’s cow. This is interesting. What if your neighbor goes on vacation? How will their cow be milked? There are plenty of more examples of silly laws we have in this country. Simply do a search on the Internet to read more. You might be surprised with some!

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