No Laws

What would happen if there were no laws? Look no further than movies like The Purge (2013).

The plot of The Purge is fairly straightforward. People are given 12 hours to do whatever they want. Nothing is illegal! No laws for 12 hours! The only law during this time is that everything is legal. Why would the government allow this?

Fast forward to a dystopian-type future. Prisons are overpopulated, crime is rampant, and law enforcement is stretched thin. Speaking of thin, perhaps the government wants to thin-out the masses. What better way would there be for the population to just “sort it out” themselves?

The result of this, as one might imagine, is grave. It doesn’t end well! Looting, murder, and maybe worse happens during this 12-hour period. Surely, parts of the population will be thinned out. Gangs will go to war and there will be many casualties. Unfortunately, this 12-hour free-for-all has consequences. Many innocent people will also be victims.

How should a person prepare for The Purge? Perhaps more importantly, how does a family prepare for this 12 hours of mayhem? The answer would be to lock up, take cover, and stay awake.

An alarm system would be worthless during these 12 hours. If there is a home break-in no police will show up. After all, crime is not answered during The Purge! The only way to answer crime is to arm up and take care of it, personally.

So, that is essentially what life would be life with no laws. There are anarchists in many countries to advocate the end of government. No one should have an interest in that! If that were to happen, The Purge would surely soon follow.

To get a visual idea of what no laws looks like, watch the trailer for The Purge: